Gold Digger!


I’m married to a “Gold Digger” – but not in the way you might think. For rather than the riches of man, she digs deep to discover the riches of God. As a result, our home is truly blessed! Likewise, may all of God’s children always remember to be G.O.L.D. diggers too:

God: We must choose what comes first in our lives and homes. Is it work, money, promotion and/or entertainment? Although, none of these things are necessarily wrong, when we pursue them before God, they inevitably distort our priorities and purposes away from the Divine and towards our detriment (Joshua 24:15).

Others: We are not placed in this world to serve ourselves, our agendas and our desires. What a waste! Instead, we are blessed with talents, treasures, time and testimonies to help others on their pilgrimage. Happiness and fulfillment returns our way as we learn to give ourselves for greater purposes beyond ourselves (Luke 6:38).

Love: Loving others isn’t always easy. For people are messy and come with messy problems. Yet, God loves us so much His Son was sent to rescue us from self-destruction, despite our messiness, mistakes and manipulative natures. Therefore, if Christ continues to live in His Children, shouldn’t our dispositions be the same (1 John 4:7)? I thank God my wife held to this kind of love for me when I was at my messiest.

Devotions: What are we devoted and committed to? Again, this speaks to our priorities. The world and our flesh pulls us away from God and towards ourselves, and when we submit to these magnetic distractions we act like the foolish man who hoarded his possessions. What did He have in the end? Nothing. Nothing was given, nothing was gained and nothing was grown for eternity. Digging for gold is a vain attempt at meaning, unless the treasures are from the Divine (Luke 12:19-21).

Application: “Divine Dancing” – Psalm 149:3
I grew up listening to “beach music” and whenever one of my favorite songs begins to play, my wife and kids know they will soon be dragged onto the makeshift dance floor of our kitchen to join me in a twist, waltz and/or old fashioned beach shag. Inevitability, it always leads to a healthy laugh and tremendous joy. At those moments all is right in the world and God smiles upon the love in our home. Likewise, I believe Christ enjoys a good dance with His children as we praise His glorious name. Therefore, let us always dare to dance with the Divine as we dig deep for the treasures only He can provide.

2 thoughts on “Gold Digger!

  1. Debbie Jones

    May we all be GOLD diggers! There is know greater dance floor than the kitchen floor!! Than you Dagan for the smile this message brought to my face!


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