Role Models Of Redemption

imageIn a world distracted by “blurred lines”, righteous role models are precious treasures when found. Thankfully, believers can be encouraged to know our search doesn’t need to be in vain, when we know what to look for. For even when everyone around us seems to be caving in to cultural cravings, God’s remnant can always be found:

Grateful: A heart of gratitude can always be seen. Despite circumstances, challenges and conditions, those with thankful spirits possess perspectives that empower them to look beyond feelings (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Clearly, thanksgiving doesn’t overlook periods of struggle, pain and discouragement, but as Corrie ten Boom, a former prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp, once beautifully described in her book, The Hiding Place, “There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still“. May we too always rejoice in such truth!

Fruitful: What type of contributions can be made apart from Christ? Kind deeds can be done by anyone, and even though they may be good, are they best? For only Christians possess the power to make eternal impact through works produced by the indwelling Spirit of God – and it is by Him, that these deeds then become platforms for His glory and the eternal benefit of others (Matthew 7:17).

Faithful: If a sandcastle is constructed too close to the currents, it will eventually be swept away. Likewise, many who identify as Christian find when the cultural tides of secularism become too strong to resist, they too fade into the world’s abyss. Unfortunately, simply proclaiming belief in Jesus isn’t always the best indicator of one’s faith. For even Satan and his legions believe, but they do not follow (James 2:19). The tides of triumphs and troubles will surely come, and in the hands of God, they serve as valuable sifters to reveal the faiths built upon Rock.

Application: “Hearts In Hands” – Proverbs 17:17
Indeed, true friends are hard to find and role models can be even harder, but God shares some powerful insights into how we can be on the lookout for His own. As mentioned, what fruit is being produced in their life, is there a Spirit of gratitude being expressed and are they steadfast in their faith, regardless of the cultural pressures being faced? More importantly, are others seeing these truths demonstrated in us?

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