Relying On The Reliable

imageReliability is defined as being able to depend confidently in something – and to put complete trust in it. As we consider the world we live in today, what could possibly fit this description? Clearly, nothing and no one, but Jesus Christ can even come close. Therefore, whenever we feel like everything around us is falling apart, let us look to Him and remember all the reasons we have to never lose hope:

Provision: Over and over again, the Bible reminds us that our primary source of provision is God, not our jobs, not our clever maneuvering and not our abilities (Philippians 4:19). This type of thinking however is difficult for the world to accept. For humanly speaking, we are taught to believe that only the strongest and fiercest competitors can survive and thrive. Yet, as believers, we learn just the opposite. It’s when we are weak, He becomes our strength. When we are reliant, He gets to prove reliable, and when we are humble, He gets to be our promotion. Thus, the remaining question for us to consider is who do we trust in most to provide for our every need – ourselves, others, or God?

Protection: Many times, the more we have, the more we fear losing. It may be our health, our loved ones, our possessions and/or our positions we crave to protect. And clearly, we are called to be good stewards with what we’ve been given, but this is not the same as worrying and obsessing. For example, we should care for our bodies by eating well, exercising and getting plenty of rest. We should be wise with our finances by saving, tithing and being cautious to the pitfalls of debt. We should invest to protect our relationships, and we should strive to always give our best, but there is a healthy balance in all these things. Therefore, as we acknowledge all we have comes from God, we can look to Him to also be the protector of all these things as we seek to use them for His glory (Psalms 121). However, when there’s loss, we mustn’t fret, for if all comes from Him, it is also His to take. Therefore, the opportunities for us are to trust God’s purposes and glean all we can from our situations in order to strengthen our walk with God and serve as stronger encouragers to others.

Preparation: To help us make the greatest impact for His Kingdom and serve as faithful stewards, everything we need to know to lead good and productive lives are revealed in His word (Psalms 119:97-100). Do we desire to be better friends, parents, spouses, leaders, workers, money managers and disciples? If so, let us invest to consistently studying His word, spending time in prayer and engaging in productive fellowships.

Application: “Trustworthy with Time?” – Ephesians 5:15-16
We don’t know how much time we have left on this planet. Neither do we know the day of Christ’s return. As a result, we may unknowingly squander the precious moments we do have on frivolous pursuits, worries and fears. However, when we rely on God to help us number our days so that we can make the most of every opportunity, we receive our blessings with open hands of gratitude. He is then reliable in making us better stewards of the time, talents, treasures and testimonies He has given us.

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