Invest For Success!

imageWhat makes a good investment? Clearly, it’s a great return. For if we didn’t think we could increase our overall financial position, why would we make a monetary sacrifice in the first place? Similarly, God seeks a return on His investment in each of us. For He sacrificed His Son and invested His Spirit so that we too may result in an increase to His Kingdom. Yet, distractions can often cause us to drift from this purpose and lead us to begin investing His treasures for the advancement of our kingdoms over His. Thankfully, there are helpful habits that can help us keep this from happening:

Loyal To Long-Term: When we lose sight of our long term mission, we tend to focus on our short term distractions. This causes us to begin squandering the talent, time and treasures we have been entrusted to serve our purposes over His (Matthew 6:20). However, when we surrender our desires for His, our long term vision is restored and we are empowered to begin investing His resources according to His word. As a result, we soon discover His ways work far better than our own in promoting His purposes and providing for our needs.

Integrity Fueled Intentions: We can not serve both God and money (Luke 16:13). Yet, so many times we confuse our career, bank accounts and paychecks as our sources of provision instead of God. However, it is God who provides us with the ability to work our jobs effectively in order to earn a paycheck in the first place. Therefore, let us consider our intentions and devotions. Are we divided in our priorities, placing work and/or money over God? Do we consider time with God optional, while our time at work is mandatory? Let us not forget – we are held accountable for our actions to both, but there is only One worthy of possessing our highest prioritization and devotion.

Commit To Contributions: Where the majority of our time, money and attention goes, typically reveals what we’re most committed to (Luke 12:34). Where do God and others rank on our list? For as it’s been correctly stated, the key to true satisfaction is pursuing J.O.Y. in our all priorities and considerations – Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last.

Application: “Living Large?” – John 15:8
Good investments yield high returns. Therefore, let us consider – how is God’s investment in you and I doing? Are we yielding high returns for the Kingdom, or seeking them instead for ourselves?

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