Treasure Treks


The lure of treasure has captivated people for centuries. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of discovering an overflowing bounty of priceless riches? Similarly, God relishes the pursuit of lost treasure.  However, unlike us, His is not a material interest – it’s us. In fact, God reveals several insights in His word concerning His passion and reaction to such treasure treks:

God Cares: God cares to save us from the dangers He knows exists in the world. Because of sin, bad things happen, and even though God may allow them, He doesn’t cause evil. Sin is temporarily permitted to destroy, distort and damage God’s creation.  However, His power of restoration overrules all things and empowers us to live a life free from fear. After all, God’s deep love for us is the reason He sent His Son to rescue us from the dangers of being lost (John 10:29).

God Cherishes: When we cherish something, we place high value on it (Matthew 6:26). I recall during one trip to the beach, one of the diamond earrings I gave my wife fell between two wooden planks along the sand. Because of the value she placed upon that earring, she nearly ripped the planks off to get it back. However, it wasn’t the monetary value that held the most importance. It was the emotional and sentimental value. Likewise, God cherishes each of us and does everything possible, short of forcing our response, to restore us back to Him.

God Celebrates: Then of course, God and all of heaven celebrates every time one of His precious children is saved (Luke 15:10). Although, Jesus lived a passionate life filled with painful sacrifice, He also celebrated, rejoiced and smiled every time someone was rescued from sin, as He continues to do today.

Application: “Lost And Lonely?” – Psalms 68:6
Thankfully, we do not have to settle for loneliness, and we don’t have to feel lost in this world without purpose. Yet, many continue to struggle in these key areas. For some, we foolishly wander off course thinking fulfillment can be found in other ways. Yet for others, life throws us such a heavy blow, we stammer to recover. As a result, we may find ourselves battling with depression, dependencies and doubts. However, we can be reassured and confident knowing our loving Father is actively pursuing us to comfort and heal our pains. He puts the lonely in families and through Christ, restores life to His people.

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