“But I’m Not Worthy”

imageThe Saturday Night Live skit, Wayne’s World immortalized the saying, “We’re not worthy“. However, I must admit, I occassionally feel the same sentiment in my Christian walk. For example, there are times before I’m about to teach Bible study class, I feel incapable and unworthy to do so. Thankfully, I know these thoughts aren’t from God.  For in prayer, He reminds me that by myself it’s true, I’m not worthy, but in Christ, He is worthy; and when His Word is shared, it never returns void (Isaiah 55:11). Therefore, when these doubts come, here are some promises to help encourage us in faithfully going wherever He sends us:

Soft Enough: I frankly don’t feel tender enough to care for all the needs God places before me sometimes. Whether it’s an internal skepticism that people can’t be trusted, or a false belief that one has to stay guarded to avoid being hurt, I occasionally wrestle against the love Jesus calls me to. However, it’s not our frail attempt at love God seeks. Rather, He desires our submission to deliver His divine love through us (Ezekiel 36:26). Therefore, it isn’t as hard to be tender as one might think. For when we rely on Christ, His heart transforms our own, which allows our hands to become His hands.

Strong Enough: When I allow myself to get overwhelmed, I begin to  doubt how I can possibly teach a Bible class, serve my church, write a weekly blog, exercise regularly, lead my family effectively, make Kingdom impact at my job and complete all the other various tasks before me. After all, I like to remind God, I’m not “strong” enough to get all this done and as well as it should be.  However, anytime this weak-minded attack rages against my calling, God gently reminds me He knows my shortcomings, He cares for my life, He forgives my sins and He gives me the strength I need as I rely on Him. In the end, I’m always amazed how through His power all my commitments get done. Granted, some days seem to go better than others, but as we learn to rely on Him rather than ourselves, we receive the benefit in seeing how it’s not by our power, but by His Spirit that things get done righteously (Zechariah 4:6).

Secure Enough: Some seem to never struggle with shyness – not so for me. For example, I speak in front of people practically on a daily basis, but for some reason, I still get a little nervous just before my talk, almost every time. Granted, it soon subsides and I dare not let it show, but it’s there.  Also, God quickly reminds me, as I take my doubts and worries to Him, that He is in control and that as His child desiring to do His will, He can be trusted to take care of all my daily needs (Joshua 1:9).

Application: “Worthy Is His Word” – Proverbs 3:5-6
In summary, it’s true we’re not worthy to effectively steward over all the areas He has entrusted to us – especially when it’s in our own ability and power. We need Christ and it’s only through His power we get to enjoy the experiences, blessings and adventures that come with being used by Him!

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