Time Passages

imageIf there’s something many of us seem to run low on it’s time. Whether it’s time with our friends and family, time to fulfill all our daily commitments, time to physically exercise and/or time to pursue our dreams, time can be a scarce resource. Therefore, how we choose to save, spend and/or squander such a valuable asset not only reveals a lot about our priorities, but can also significantly impact our lives and the lives of others:

Time To Repent: Do we continue to blindly partake in those conversations and conducts we know are wrong and serve to only diminish our testimonies as Christians? If so, may we never forget that Christ is greater than any stronghold we may struggle against and in Christ, we are more than victors, for we are the beloved children of God (1 Corinthians 15:57). As such, let us seek Him and lay down such burdens, trusting in His provision, power and promises to overcome.

Time To Restore: What sin seeks to pervert and pollute, Christ restores (Joel 2:25). Therefore, as believers, we are restored with God through Christ. Then, as we seek to apply the truths God reveals in His word, He heals those areas in our life that may have been once hindered, such as our faith (prioritized), finances (stewardship), family (relationships) and fitness (health).

Time To Rescue: As repentant and restored disciples of Christ, we are empowered with the blessed opportunity to serve in spiritual search and rescue missions. Just as lifeguards possess the knowledge and tools to help someone drowning, we too, through faith, possess the knowledge and tools required to help others drowning in sin – Jesus. The question for us to consider is do we share Him nearly enough, for we are surrounded by the drowning daily, but will we seize the opportunities presented (Luke 10:2)?

Application: “No Time To Kill”Psalm 90:12
Time does not stop, nor slow down for anyone and once it’s gone, it can never be reclaimed. Therefore, may we be wise enough to cherish every moment, and invest the time we do have intentionally. This doesn’t mean we are to never rest and relax, for this is also vital, but it does suggest that we make our moments matter. Thankfully, as we put and keep God first in our lives, He helps us become better stewards of our time. So, that the time we do have left is properly prioritized, fruitful and blessed by Him.

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