Born To Be…

imageThere’s an older Disney cartoon that remains one of our family’s favorites. It’s about a lion cub that is raised by sheep due to a mishap by the “stork” baby delivery service. As a result, the lion grows up thinking he’s a sheep, until one day a ravenous wolf attacks the flock and drags the lion’s adoptive mother away to devour. This event strikes fear into all the remaining sheep who flee in self defense. Although initially scared, the lion has a different response as the love for his mother triggers a transformation deep inside him, revealing what he was born to be. Then, with a powerful roar, he races to rescue his mother, striking terror into the wolf.

Similarly, God has placed specific callings on each of our lives, but many times, this call is diluted by not knowing, ignoring and/or denying the truth of who we are. For the worldview tells us we are nothing more than animals, struggling simply for survival and have no grand purpose. It indicates that it is even naive to believe in an all-powerful God. However, when we accept who we truly are – intricate creations of a Holy God designed with purpose – life begins to take on a whole new meaning. As a result, our overall perspective changes and through Christ, we also become what we were born to be:

Redemptions: God doesn’t desire to lose any to sin, which is why He sent His Son to reconcile us with Him. In doing so, we receive eternal life and alignment with His divine purposes (Proverbs 3:6). Sadly, some refuse this gift, deciding instead to remain as they are. God has blessed plans for each of us, but only by accepting and following His Son can we begin discover all we were meant to be.

Reflections: Being saved through faith and by God’s grace is only the start to our divine calling. For through sanctification, we begin to reflect Jesus more and more in all we think, say and do. Thus, wherever we go, we are serving as representatives of Christ and for Christ, because by Christ, we have been made a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Restorations: As we reflect Jesus, restoration is made possible. For the glory of God has the power to restore all sin distorts, damages and destroys (Psalm 103:3). For example, through Christ, marriages are mended, spiritual wounds are healed, the lost are found and the precious gift of life is rescued.

Application: “Maturity Matters” – Hebrews 5:14
What if the lion in the Disney cartoon never realized his purpose and remained thinking he was a sheep? Sadly, this is exactly what happens when we accept the lies of hell over the truth from heaven. As a result, the devil rejoices in having “lions” thinking they’re something else. Thankfully, the power of Christ breaks such tragedy and reveals to each of us His calling upon our lives. As we mature in our faith, apply our faith and share our faith through the power of the Spirit, we realize the freedom and fulfillment that comes from being all we were born to be.

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