Solutions For The Secular

imageEven though we currently live and operate in a secular world, that doesn’t mean we have to live and operate the same way it does. For we are called to bring hope and light into the world through Christ. However, as we know, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  For me, there was a time I only knew the world’s definition of happiness and success. Eventually, through the grace of God, I came to realize that a life filled with pursuing more possessions, positions and pleasures leads only to troubles, not triumph. It’s strange to even think back on those days, for it’s hard to believe I thought the way I did. The stranger thing is, I considered myself a Christian back then. I believed in Jesus, but I clearly wasn’t following Him, or surrendering my life to Him. Does this sound familiar? Do you believe in Jesus, but find yourself living more by the world’s standards than God’s? Thankfully, for all of us, there are Holy solutions for a secular world that involves us making impact for the Kingdom of God in the following key areas:

Leading: There are many leaders, yet so few lead by God’s standards. We see this everyday in the media. Heroes in the world’s eyes seemingly getting away with unscrupulous acts. However, this shouldn’t surprise us. Instead, I pray it inspires us to stand-out and lead the way the Bible teaches (Luke 22:26). We hear about servant leadership, but we get to truly see it in action when we study the biographies of those who went before us in the Word of God. For example, Moses has much to teach in the areas of delegation and prioritization. Joseph demonstrates giving one’s best no matter the circumstances. David illustrates the power of encouraging others, loyalty and repentance. And of course, these are only a few of the mentors and lessons revealed by God to better equip us as the leaders He desires to use to literally transform the world.

Loving: God loves and teaches us to love in the secular. He demonstrates what love is meant to be and what it can be. Then, He empowers us to love others and in the process, we end up reciprocating His love back to Him. It’s a cycle that transforms the hardest of hearts and the most damaged of souls. Love has the power to heal as it reveals Christ – all at the same time! What a powerful concept and what a gift this world so desperately needs more of (1 Corinthians 13:3).

Living: What do you do for a living? Immediately when asked this question, many of us first think of our occupation. However, what if we began viewing our jobs instead as divine gateways God uses to propel His workers into the world? For we are disciples first, and our lives when surrendered to Him, are used to promote His kingdom throughout the secular world, whether it be through our jobs, hobbies and/or any other way He may choose to send us out (Luke 10:2-3).

Application: “Words To The Wise” – Mark 8:35-36
In the search for satisfaction, we can easily be drawn to secular ideas. However, even if we acquire the very things we are told will make us happy, what good are they, if in the process of acquiring them we forfeit our souls? Instead, true satisfaction comes from living for God and in His blessings, where we get to enjoy His favor, impact the world and proclaim His glory. Of course, this can only be realized when we stop striving for ourselves. However, this involves a daily process of surrender – for the world, our flesh and the enemy will always be pulling to distract us from this devotion. Therefore, may we be diligent to not only believe in Christ, but be bold enough to surrender our lives to Him and wise enough to know we cannot live, love, or lead to our fullest potential without daily time with Him, His people and His word.

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