Customized Ride

imageMy father-in-law is truly gifted at restoring and customizing antique cars. He has the ability to transform practically anything with four wheels no matter how rusted and ripped it may be into a jaw dropping work of art that’s desired by the most scrutinizing of collectors. Interestingly, he doesn’t ask the car what color it wants to be, how it prefers to be customized, or where it wants to be housed because he knows what’s best. He knows the market demand and he has the ability to bring forth its highest value. Likewise, God customizes each of His children and knows what’s best for us, even when we don’t understand why He allows, or does what He does. Through it all, we can trust He has our best interests at heart and knows how to bring the highest value to our life. Our daily experiences with this divine customization however are greatly determined by our attitudes:

Compare: Even though we know God knows best, how often do we compare our life with the life of other believers? We may question why God allows one person to have a nicer car to drive, nicer job, nicer family and/or nicer looks while we’re stuck with what appears to be less than. However, Jesus reassures us as He did with Peter when he sought to compare his life with John’s (John 21:21) that we needn’t worry about such trivial matters. For God customizes each of us to have the greatest impact specific to our unique situations and encounters.

Complain: There are also those times we tend to complain about where God has us. We may know we are exactly where He wants us to be, but we still grunt and grumble because we want more. We feel we’re ready for more, but God has us and seems to keep us in smaller conditions. After all, doesn’t God always expand our position, if He is pleased with us? Consider – if that were always the case, who would He use to disciple those in the smaller spaces, and who would go there if all His saints waited only for the prominent roles (Zechariah 4:10)?

Content: Then of course, there are those times we’re in the “sweet spot”. This is when we are seeking God, obeying God and content to be where He has us, giving our best to Him for His glory and ready to be moved whenever He decides the time is right (Philippians 4:11). However, how often do we truly allow ourselves to enjoy such contentment?

Application: “Gasping & Grasping?” – John 3:27
It’s not that we are wrong for desiring more, or wanting more, but does it disrupt our peace, steal our joy and distort our perspective? When we compare ourselves with others and complain about our conditions how can we possibly expect to be the “salt and light” He has called us to be? We’ll always be grasping for more until we learn to trust God and give our best to Him regardless of our circumstances. For when we find our joy in serving Him, the smallest and most unattractive duties begin to take on new life. Then, when He is ready – He moves us on to our next mission and we become the vessels He can use whenever and wherever there is need.

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