Problems, People and Purpose

imageAs we seek to share our testimonies and live out our faith, our interactions with various personalities will be deep and wide. Learning to properly manage these relations can prove challenging at times, especially when our desire is to promote the Kingdom and not pollute it. Thankfully, as with all things, God provides us with the guidance necessary to not only steward our interactions with others positively, but engage them purposefully as well:

Remain: As believers, we will face those who disagree with our faith. They may even actively seek to persecute and ridicule us publicly, which is obviously a challenging situation for anyone to endure. However, endure we must and remain steadfast in not comprising our beliefs, diluting our convictions and denying God’s truth in order to win worldly favor and grace (1 Peter 3:14). For the grace of God will sustain us and be our higher reward.

Rebuke: We will also face distortions of biblical truth that seek to distract and confuse what we know to be fact. This is when we must rebuke such lies and clarify them with God’s word and love. There’s no need to get in a shouting match, for the word of God is our weapon and will not return void of purpose (Isaiah 55:11).

Respond: There will also be those seeking relief from the emptiness and suffering in their lives. These are the ones perhaps enslaved and entangled by the lies and pursuits of this world. They are curious to learn more and present a tremendous opportunity for us to walk alongside, disciple and respond to their needs without any prejudice, or preference in regards to their condition (Proverbs 24:11). For often times, we the people can come messy.

Application: “Footsteps To Follow” – Matthew 4:19
Clearly, facing threats, lies and desperate conditions won’t be easy, but as we know, we can find encouragement from those great witnesses who have and are triumphing in similar opportunities. In addition, and most importantly, we have the One who goes with us and before us to ensure we possess all we’ll ever need to make these interactions purposeful and impactful to the Kingdom. So, let us not fear, or shrink back from our calling as representatives of Christ, knowing we may be sent out in this world of people like sheep among wolves, but not without the hope and reassurance that we never go alone.

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