Power of Provision

imageVarious scenarios in my life have helped me realize and understand that the source of all my provisions isn’t my job, my abilities, my paycheck, or who I know. Rather, it is God, and He alone is the One who sustains us through all circumstances, meets our needs and sharpens our faith. As a result, our trust in God grows and propels our reliance on Him alone for all things. These provisions can be summarized in three primary areas:

Salvation: What else, or who else other than Jesus Christ can save my soul (Acts 4:12)? The miracle of salvation and eternal life is simple enough for a child to receive and is made available to all – how marvelous is our God and what greater provision can there be!

Security: Fear, anxiety and doubts can plague our minds. We witness uncertainties all around us and wonder what security can there be, but through Christ, all things are possible – even peace (Jeremiah 32:27). A peace and joy that resides deep within, despite our surroundings and circumstances, because we know God secures what is His with purpose and we are never without hope. Are there any insecurities we’re currently allowing to overrule our hearts? May we quickly surrender them to Christ and reclaim the numerous promises revealed in His word.

Stability: Nothing on earth is stable. Everything changes. Sometimes for the good and sometimes seemingly for the bad, but through Christ, we don’t have to be tossed by the waves of these transitions. Instead, as believers, we can remain steadfast both in our hearts and in our minds knowing no matter what comes our way it has been sifted through our Father’s loving and purposeful hands (Ephesians 4:14). Where are we discontent and unstable? These may reveal the strongholds competing against our faith – and also the areas to be surrendered to Christ.

Application: “Overflow To Others” – Acts 26:18
Truly, as Christians we have been given much and are continuously entrusted with more through our faith in Jesus. In fact, our provisions overflow. The question is what do we do with such bounties? Do we try to hoard them, share them, or deny them? By sharing the gospel and Christ’s provisions through our testimonies and lifestyle, world captives can be set free and begin to receive the same profound blessings we enjoy – the eternal salvation, security and stability only He has the power to provide.

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