“Fire” Safety

imageMany of us acquired basic fire safety skills during our grade school years. Obviously, the purpose of this teaching was to help empower our chances of survival if caught in a fire. Interestingly, many of these safety principals can be applied to protect our spiritual well-being as well. For example, we will no doubt find ourselves in “fiery” situations throughout life, and our response to them can dramatically impact their outcome as well as serve as powerful testimonies for Christ. Therefore, the Bible shares valuable lessons we can apply in promotion of these positives – as illustrated through another perspective to the safety phrase, “Stop, Drop & Roll”:

Stop: The first step we were taught in escaping an actual fire is to stop moving. Likewise, when life situations get “fired up”, one of our first responses should also be to stop and check our surroundings. For any rash movement may place us closer to the flame. For example, bruised egos can typically be blamed for many of our emotional flare-ups (Galatians 5:26). However, when we stop jumping to self-defenses and take time to listen to the other perspectives being expressed, we may begin to better understand their position – this supports empathy, which in turn helps lower our ego’s desire to defend. Even though we may not agree with the perspectives shared, this powerful insight can definitely help reduce angry flare-ups.

Drop: The next safety tip we learn as kids is to drop down low, where the air has less smoke. Again, this is the same in life, for we are always in a better position in our relationships when we remain humble, rather than high and mighty (Philippians 2:3-4). Many times, this may mean letting go and dropping those things that hinder peace, such as our pride, ego, greed and insecurities. Although often difficult to do, especially during heated situations, these emotional toxins only serve to contaminate the air of any environment we’re in.

Roll: The last fire safety lesson we receive as kids is to roll, or move away from the flames to a secure area. Spiritually speaking, we do this whenever we surrender to the Holy Spirit’s prompting and apply the wisdom of God’s word in our lives. We may not possess the discipline required to remove ourselves from a harmful, or tempered situation under our own willpower, but God does. Therefore, as we seek His help in prayer and rely on His promises, He will answer – then in faith, we roll (Psalm 34:13-14).

Application: “Intention Of Prevention” – Proverbs 18:13
Life is full of danger, but when we apply the word of God, seek His guidance and live out our faith with others, we wisely reduce the negative consequences that can result when left to our own emotional resources. In fact, one of the most powerful methods in resolving and preventing fiery situations in the first place is by simply using the gifts God has entrusted us to serve others. As we know, He has bestowed gifts to all believers and when we use them for the benefit of others and the expansion of His kingdom, rather than for our own, we open doors to new friendships, stronger relationships, reconciliation and opportunities to share our greatest gift of all – Jesus.

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