On The Abide Ride?

imageI used to fly on business across our beautiful country on a regular basis, and although I missed my family while away, I always enjoyed visiting new locations. During these trips, the various types of traveler could always be identified by either the fulfillment, fear, or frustrations being reflected on their face. As an example, there were passengers who always pushed and shoved to be the first onboard, while others sat waiting wringing their hands with worry. Then, there were those who remained calm and smiled graciously as they allowed the occasional passenger to board ahead of them. Once on the plane, some chose to quickly close their window blinds and never speak a word, while others would clinch their eyes and claw into their seat handles with fearful trembling. Then, there were those who used their time to enjoy the passing beauty below, framed by their window, and kindly share new interactions with those around them

Interestingly, life is much like air travel. For we are all heading to the same destination, but how we choose to spend our time during the journey greatly determines our personal experience and our impact on others. Thus, which traveller are we? Three abiding attributes can help us with this determination:

Contentment: Abiding nourishes contentment. Therefore, being content doesn’t mean we lack ambition, or are passive in our pursuits. Instead, it redirects our ambitions and pursuits so that they are no longer waisted on ourselves, but invested for Christ. We will never experience lasting contentment when we are striving to expand our own agendas. True contentment is accepting all our situations as opportunities to reflect, glorify and share Jesus in all we do – and then trusting Him with the outcomes (Colossians 3:17).

Choice: Abiding in Christ is a choice we make no matter our circumstances. For we can thank Him always – seek Him always – and trust Him always. Is there ever a time we can’t apply this cycle of praise? Just consider, when we trust Him regardless, peace results. When we seek Him in every situation, wisdom is given and when we thank Him no matter what, priorities are properly positioned. May we always seek to choose worship over worry (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Connection: Just like a rechargeable battery is worthless if not routinely connected to its charger, we too must be connected to our Creator in order to abide and accomplish all the plans He has for us. We can miss out on the opportunities He sends our way to live life more abundantly, if we fail in nurturing our relationship with Him. If Jesus, who is God in flesh, demonstrated the importance of maintaining fellowship with the Father, and much more might we require it (Luke 5:16)?

Application: “A Joyful Journey” – Habakkuk 3:18
Our relationship with Jesus greatly determines our outlook on life and its outcome. We can either hoard our blessings, or share them. We can either hinder others, or help them and we can either accept the gifts God has given, or reject them. By receiving Jesus as Lord, we not only receive eternal life, but are empowered to enjoy the life He has set before us. We may not always be happy, for feelings are fleeting, but in Christ, we don’t live by feelings, but abide in the grace He offers. For when we realize He is with us every step of the way, what need is there to worry?

One thought on “On The Abide Ride?

  1. DJ

    This made me smile! I was the passenger wringing my hands with worry………worried about leaving my children behind, something happening to the plane, getting sick, etc. It is refreshing to be reminded our feelings are fleeting, but God’s grace is sufficient!


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