Fed Up?

imageHave you ever had one of those times when you just wanted to quit it all? I have – it’s when you feel drained, like you’re treading water and getting no where. Progress seems to be stalled and there appears to be little impact being made. You’re simply tired of all the people, places and problems you have to deal with and you’d rather throw in the towel and walk away from all the frustration. Be assured we all face these times, and thankfully, God’s word reveals how our peace and passion can be restored, even when our struggles in these areas remain unchanged:

People: People come messy. We all have irritations, but some folks seem to know the exact buttons to push to send us into emotional tailspins. It may be a neighbor, coworker, boss, family member, or even someone from church. Many times, we can’t avoid these people, but how we allow them to affect us isn’t really their fault, but our own (Luke 6:35). For if we isolate ourselves to only those who make us feel good, we dilute our impact in the world. Therefore, may we view every person as an opportunity to strengthen our reliance on God and reflect His grace over our grumblings.

Places: Whether we feel we’re in a dead end job, have no job at all, or find we’re in a very difficult situation, our perspective determines our peace. If God is in control, then He knows what we’re dealing with and has allowed it for a purpose. Sometimes poor decisions have placed us where we are, or there may appear to be no logical reason at all. So, do we simply give up and quit? If we do, we often find it only takes us from bad to worse. In addition, we lose out on the benefit of experiencing God at deeper levels. For when we seek His guidance and trust in His direction, He promises to lead us through any and every situation (Psalms 23:4).

Problems: No one prefers problems over peace. Yet, everyone has them, and there is no escaping them. However, as believers, problems are also great opportunities that allow us to serve as encouragers to others and mature in our faith. When we consider problems in this light, we are less likely to give up, stress out and cave in (Habakkuk 3:17-19). Therefore, may we persevere and never abandon our trust in Christ – for He promises to never leave, or forsake us. The question is – do we truly believe this? If so, there is no need to embrace the worry and the doubt.

Application: “Mission Possible” – Luke 18:27
Clearly, if we find ourselves in an abusive, or dangerous situation, we need to get out, but when it comes to everyday problems that threaten to steal our joy, there is hope in persevering. For what is impossible with man is possible with God. Sadly, many resort to drugs, alcohol and other worldly distractions in an effort to cope with the problems of life. However, we who know Christ, have and know the greatest power to overcome. So, when we’re feeling fed up, just remember not to give up, but look up.

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