“Casting” Crowns?

imageThis title is not referencing the Christian band, although I do appreciate their music ministry. What I’m referring to is the meaning of the word “casting” and how it relates to the way we live out our life. For example, the dictionary provides various definitions for casting. In one sense, it involves the act of throwing off, or throwing away. Thus, when we cast our crowns, we are throwing away something of worldly value, ridding ourselves of pride and of our selfishness for our lives now belong to Christ and He is the only reward we need.

However, the other description involves an object’s formation and hardening process. This type of casting involves those times we’re tempted to construct our own rewards, promotions and/or treasures. Sadly, these acts are typically generated by pride and can eventually lead to a hardening of our hearts. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case as we learn to guard ourselves from the three vulnerable areas we’re most likely to attempt casting our own crowns:

Castles: These are our possessions, for many times, even Christians fall into the trap of materialism. This is manifested when we begin focusing on what we drive, where we live, our brand of clothes and where we vacation – but in the end, does any of this truly matter? Of course not, but let’s be honest, these trophies and crowns can be very appealing to our flesh and even though they are not wrong to have, our obsession for these earthly treasures can begin to harden our hearts to the things of God (1 Timothy 6:10).

Conquests: These can also be seen as our pursuit for positions of power. Clearly influence is a potent tool God places in the hands of His children, but what began as a blessing can quickly become a burden when we begin using it to fulfill our own desires over God’s. Thus, what is the purpose behind our desire for power and promotion? Is it to simply gain more control, or are we surrendered to the point of trusting God to place us where He wants us, when He’s ready and for His promotion (2 Corinthians 16:9)?

Kingdoms: These are the agendas we seek to promote. For example, are we more concerned with which political party is in control rather than the morals and character of the individuals elected? God does not prefer one social class, culture, or skin color over another. For as believers, we are all His children. Thus, whose kingdoms are we striving to expand and promote – His, the world’s, or our own (1 Chronicles 4:10)?

Application: “Avoid Turing Blessings To Burdens” – James 5:2
Many times, we appropriately share God’s blessings with others, but there may be occasions, we feel tempted to begin hoarding these blessings for ourselves, rather than using them to spread God’s agenda. This is when we begin the construction of our crowns rather than casting them for God’s glory. As we know, all good things flow from God, but even those good things can quickly become burdens when they get pursued and prioritized before Him.

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