Who’s Cooking What I’m Consuming?

imageWe may be familiar with the old adage, “we are what we eat,” but the quality of what we consume applies not only to our bodies, but to our spirits as well. Naturally, when we eat junk, we don’t receive the nutrition required to function at optimum levels. As a result, we may feel tired, sluggish and even lethargic. Likewise, when we read, watch, and/or listen to junk, our spirit doesn’t receive the biblical truth necessary to function at its optimum level. Thus, we become less effective in our calling as disciples and in utilizing the various demands and opportunities that come our way for the glory of Christ (Romans 8:6). Therefore, we must consider not only what we eat, but what we allow our minds to consume as well. Consider – from which of the three primary sources of information do we feed-off the most?

The World: When there is a vacuum of wholesome communication, or lack of virtuous leadership, there are worldly influencers eager to fill the void for the benefit of expanding their particular positions. So, whom are we relenting our control to, and who’s agenda is getting promoted and digested? Obviously, everything we read, watch and listen to has an agenda. This is because people have opinions and naturally, want to express them, especially when in roles of leadership, creativity and communication. Therefore, we can not underestimate the impact the information we consume has on shaping our values, actions and beliefs. Clearly, we can not disengage and isolate ourselves from the realities of this world, or from our biblical purpose here, but being in the world never means we have to conform to it (Romans 12:2).

The Wicked: Did Satan tempt Eve with an apple and Jesus with bread because he cared for their needs? Clearly, not – even though he may attempt to feed us, it’s not for our benefit. Rather, it’s a veiled attempt to distract us from our Kingdom mission, cause us to doubt God, question His reasons and enslave us to our desires over His. Thus, evil will gladly cook for and feed us, if allowed. Therefore, we must always be on guard to carefully consider our pursued sources and what they promote (2 Corinthians 11:3).

The Word: God’s truth feeds our soul and strengthens our spirit so that we can be more than conquerers in all He has called us to. However, we must desire to come to His table and eat. This includes willingly investing time in His word, in prayer, in fellowship and in full surrender to His Lordship in our life. We must yearn to eat only from His table and grow disciplined in steering clear from the tempting distractions of the world and the wicked. For even though what they offer may look appealing and tasty, Jesus is our only sustaining source of sustenance (Matthew 5:6).

Application: “Don’t Settle for Slop” – Luke 15:16-17
Just as the prodigal son desired for independence from his father to make his own way and have his way, it eventually led him to a lonely pig pin eating slop. Likewise, we too can be lured away by the incitements of the world’s pleasures and starve our spirit of any lasting peace and satisfaction. However, there is another way, another choice we can make – for as the beloved children of God the Father, we never have to settle for the others’ slop.

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