Blooming Where Planted – Again?

imageWe all have them – those days when everything that can go wrong does. Even worse is when we face a string of bad days that roll into months. These hardships may include our work environments, job loss, health issues and/or relationships. We may even begin questioning God’s ways and doubting His involvement.

Thankfully, we don’t have to travel down this path, for as believers, many of our greatest opportunities and blessings are received during the seemingly tough times. Remembering this, along with committing to three primary habits can help us ensure we make the best of the bad situations that come our way:

Purpose Minded: In baseball, the batter must focus on the ball in order to make contact. Likewise, we must keep our focus on Jesus in order to fulfill the purposes He has called us to. In doing so, we receive His leading, direction and provision, despite our situation, in order to share the gospel to a watching world (2 Chronicles 20:9).

Perspective Maintained: We can either choose to have a pity party, or realize hard times are just a part of life that God allows and uses to build our character, strengthen our faith, expand our testimony and spread His truth. We can’t expect to win everyone’s approval and some may even take offense to our testimony, but as we begin to accept trials as opportunities under God’s control, our attitude transitions from pessimism to praise (Philippians 4:6-7).

Persevering Mission: During our school years, we had to study and apply what we learned in order to pass exams and graduate to the next level. Likewise, as we actively seek and study God’s Word, we will be tested with opportunities to apply the truths we’ve learned (James 1:2-3). The question is, will we rely on Christ and persevere to the next level in our faith, or default back to our fears and feelings?

Application: “An Attitude Of Gratitude” – 1 Timothy 4:4
As we begin to accept that God allows and supplies all things, we are better positioned to praise Him for the various life events He provides us. For they serve as platforms for God to display His power and promises in and through us for the benefit of our spiritual maturity and the promotion of His church.

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