Called and Committed

imageVince Lombardi once declared, “the quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” If this is true, what do we consider to be the chosen field we’re most committed to? Is it our job, our hobby – or, do we consider all things in this life as platforms and opportunities to make disciples, reflect Christ and fulfill the great commission (Matthew 28:19)? Considering three characteristics of commitment helps ensure all we do is unto God and therefore done with excellence.

Genuine: What motivates us to give our best? When we’re “sold out” for Christ, we discover a genuine desire for excellence becomes a joyful pursuit because we realize what we do goes beyond ourself (Acts 20:24). Although our efforts may result in perks and promotion, those outcomes no longer possess us, for the thrills of making Kingdom impact takes their place.

Guardian: We protect what we’re most committed to. If it is Christ, how well do we guard our time with Him? In addition, how well do we seek to protect those areas He has entrusted to us such as our mind, body, soul, family and time? Do we abuse, infect, or neglect these blessings with compromise and excuses? May we never grow lukewarm, but excel in all areas of our stewardship (Revelations 3:16).

Gracious: When we’re committed to something, we also tend to be generous with the time and resources necessary to support it. Therefore, when we consider all God has given us as gateways to introduce His truth and light into the world, our motivation to graciously give our best in all we do overflows (Acts 20:35).

Application: “Passing A Legacy?” – 2 Corinthians 9:9
What do we want to be remembered for? Honestly, is it what our job was, how well we played a game, or where we lived? Those may be identifiers, but in the end, will anyone be able to say we were an authentic witness for Christ? Will others know our heart and how deeply we loved them? Will there be ongoing produce from the seeds we planted in faith during our lifetime, or will it all end? Will our family, our work, our community and our relationships rejoice because we lived? Again, what will be our legacy be, and what will be left behind? Thankfully, when our life and primary commitment is for Christ, He can be trusted in answering these questions for us, for our legacy is in His hands.

by Dagan J. Sharpe @ CareerCall.

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