Marketplace Missionaries

imageWhy do we work? Is it just to make money? Obviously, work provides us with the means to support ourselves and our families, but is that its sole value and purpose? Or, could it be that what we do for a living is also one of the most powerful platforms we have been entrusted with by God to propel the gospel and promote His Kingdom agenda? Typically, there are three consequences to Christians impacting the marketplace – expecting them helps us maintain our perspective as our work operates as another opportunity to fulfill the great commission:

Priorities Revealed: As we enter the marketplace, our priorities, along with the priorities of others are revealed. This helps us to discern which master we’re seeking to serve (Luke 16:13). For example, do we covet our position? Are we motivated by power, possessions and prestige, or do we seek to glorify Christ in all we do by giving our best, helping others and making our workplace a better place for all?

Prohibiting Responses: We may feel as though our faith is not allowed to be expressed where we work. In fact, our jobs may be at risk if we even dare to share it. However, we also know that our good deeds, hard work and contributions to a prosperous environment can not be denied, or over looked. By promoting the success of others and our employer, we are presented with opportunities to share truth, awarded with a voice that is respected and offered with a powerful influence for Christ (John 15:8). Let’s consider the contributions of Daniel and Joseph and then analyze how we show up at work. Are we fueling problems, or serving as part of the solution?

Protection Received: Whenever we step out in faith and obedience, God assumes full responsibility for our protection and His promotion (Jeremiah 1:8). He may even use a nonbeliever, the government, or some other secular source to protect our advancement as we seek to expand His Kingdom and not our own. Therefore, we can be confident in knowing that whatever comes our way, God can be trusted with the outcomes. How does believing this change the way we approach work?

Application: “Persuasive Platforms” – 1 Peter 2:12
Work occupies a significant amount of our time. It also catapults us into the world arena and presents us with a choice. We can either conform to the world’s standards, cower in reluctance, operate as an undercover Christian, or courageously embrace the opportunity to perform at our best, shine as a bright light amidst the shadows and serve to promote the welfare of those around us. For as we positively impact our environments, we soon realize our work is transformed into a persuasive platform where Christ is glorified, the gospel is shared and His church is grown.

Additional resources for Christians in the marketplace are available through the “My God & My Job” message series by Dr. David H. McKinley.

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