Help Wanted?

imageDo you sometimes feel you’re climbing a mountain of challenges on your own? As followers of Christ, we can know with confidence that we’re never truly alone for God repeatedly assures He will never leave, or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:8). As a result, no matter what challenges, obstacles, or troubles may surround us, we can trust in God delivering on His promise(s) in several significant ways:

Provision: When we surrender our life to God, we become His responsibility. We also begin to realize that since we belong to Him so do the provisions He entrusts to us (1 Corinthians 10:26). Therefore, what justification is there to anxiously maneuver like those lacking this understanding? Rather, a Kingdom mindset replaces uncertainty, idleness & entitlement with a sincere appreciation that propels our desire to be diligent stewards of all the treasures & opportunities He assigns to us, including our faith, family, fitness & finances.

Preparation: Feeling overwhelmed, or in over-your-head? Remember, in the hands of God, trials often serve as productive environments where we gain further refinements to promote His purposes both in & through us (2 Corinthians 4:17). As a result, our faith is strengthened & our spirits are purified which glorifies God & helps us be better encouragers to others.

Protection: Although we’re never promised material prosperity & a life free from discomforts, we can be secure in His protection over our lives. Not only are we promised eternal salvation, but God is present to guide us through every dark valley & villain we may encounter (Psalm 23:4). May we encounter pain & suffering? Most likely, but we can take comfort knowing that if God allowed it, there is benefit & purpose for it.

Application: “Our Reliance In His Reliability”Psalm 107:28
Do you need direction & dependability with what your facing? No matter what our present circumstances & challenges may be, we can rely on God’s restoration & rescue. His response may not be what we expect, or on our time table, but it is always best. Additionally, as we actively seek & trust in Him, our dependence grows, & we begin to realize that our waiting is never in vain, but rather a valuable expression of praise & worship.

by Dagan Sharpe @

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