Building Bridges

imageSincere followers of Jesus Christ can still struggle at times when it comes to sharing their faith, especially when we’re interacting with those holding different, or even divisive views. Thankfully, Scripture illustrates the components for effective communication & how they can be integrated to help maximize our efforts & proclamation of the gospel:

Identification: We all have opportunities to share Christ, but are we willing to seize them? For the needs are many, but the workers are few (Matthew 9:37). How can this be? Why do so many of us continue to hold back, blend in & concern ourselves with what others think of us? Instead of being the courageous children of the King of kings, we become cowardly cop-outs, victims to an intimidating world, rather than victors. However, when we realize God’s profound love for us, we grow more secure & less fearful. As a result, we begin seeing the needs of others with greater clarity & become motivated to help them, rather than avoid them.

Introduction: By meeting needs, we build connectivity & rapport, which also creates a powerful moment to introduce Jesus. It’s a time of sharing that’s personal & authentic. This is our testimony, forged by our deep experiences with Christ & how He was sent to offer the same healing, restoration & rescue to all who believe (Acts 16:31). We’re not seeking to condemn, or judge for we’re all sinners saved by the grace of God, but to share in love that God has a purpose for every person He created & that we were sent to share this good news with them.

Invitation: Who doesn’t appreciate a sincere invitation to a celebration? And we get to extend the greatest invitation there is! But do we see it this way? If we truly view Jesus as the greatest gift to mankind, we can confidently extend invitations on our Savior’s behalf without shame, or hesitation. Although some will choose to reject the promptings of the Spirit, they are not rejecting us, but our Lord; & although sad, we must remember as messengers, our role is to expose & proclaim the truth (Romans 10:14-15). Belief is God’s work (John 6:29).

Application: “Sent To Seek Out & Speak Out” – Acts 18:9 Why would we ever hold the preciousness of Jesus to ourselves? No doubt, we will face persecution, but we needn’t fear the world when God has promised to never leave, or forsake us. We don’t even have to be eloquent – only willing. Are we willing to go forth today? Who do we see wounded & blinded by sin? Let us share with them the only hope they have for healing & eternal life & let them know they’re special, created with purpose & deeply loved. Who doesn’t need to hear this? God knows, we all do.

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