Open To Opportunities?

imageI recently embarked on my first mission trip, and to be honest, I hadn’t planned on going anytime soon, but God literally removed any cause for me not to. So, I walked through the obvious open door set before me. Now, I realize this doesn’t sound like the deeply passionate call shared by many who go on missions, but none the less, this is how He called me. He removed my excuses and thankfully, despite the sacrifices, I was willing. As a result, I was blessed to witness God both strengthen and grow His church like never before (Acts 16:5).

Overall, I’d like to say I always accept the various opportunities God sends my way, but in reality, I have allowed way too many to pass me by during my lifetime. In doing so, I cheated myself and others from experiencing Him in deeper ways. Thankfully, three attributes can help us better seize the opportunities He sends us, whatever and wherever they may be:

Attentiveness: How observant are we to both the physical and spiritual needs of others and how quick are we to respond? It may be our neighbor, a work associate, a client, or even a stranger, but needs are everywhere. All we have to do is take off our blinders, look around and respond (Matthew 9:37).

Availability: How often have we passed on Godly opportunities by stating we don’t have the time? Or convincing ourselves to be silent rather than witnessing to others? Being available isn’t always convenient, or easy. Often times it’s just the opposite. However, divine adventures await the willing (Isaiah 1:19). We don’t have to accept our own excuses and settle for the sidelines, or let another opportunity pass us by.

Authenticity: Many times our lack of confidence may prevent us from seizing opportunities. We may worry about not knowing the right things to say, or do, but this bases our decisioning on self-sufficiency, not Christ. Yet, when we abandon this idea and rely completely upon Jesus, we discover He supplies our every need and word and uses us just as we are for His glory (1 Corinthians 2:3-5).

Application: “Here I Am! Send Me!” – Isaiah 6:8
Jesus often met spiritual needs by first meeting physical needs, and we share this same opportunity today! Yet, He did everything, even facing a horrendous death, out of His deep love for each of us (John 3:16). Do we share this love? Or are we limited by our self-evaluations and motivations? Opportunities to love and share the gospel abound when we realize our circumstances can serve as our platform and our pain can be for others’ gain (Luke 22:32). God provides the opportunities, but are we willing to speak & go forth?

by Dagan Sharpe @

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