Daring To Go Deeper

imageMy family relishes going to the beach & all the benefits the sun, sand & surf have to offer. Yet, no matter how much we may love wading in the water, there’s a limit to how far we’re willing to swim out. This is where the ocean depths begin triggering our minds to the potential dangers of undertow & of creatures lurking below. Many times our responses to God are similar as He works to draw us out to deeper levels of faith (Mark 4:19):

Surface Level: This level is similar to when a child encounters the surf for the first time. It’s an exhilarating moment filled with curiosity & exploration that allows confidence to grow. Yet, eventually, we are urged to go deeper. We then face the opportunity to remain safely in the environment we know, or take the loving hand of our Father & trust Him as He leads us deeper (2Corinthians 5:7). Like a child on shore, do we stubbornly refuse, or are we willing to step out from our comfort zone?

Shallow Level: At this level, we’re waste deep & the waves begin to crash against our chest as we’re held by the hand we trust. Slowly, our uncertainties & fears are replaced with renewed excitement as we begin to realize the joys these new depths offer under our Father’s protection (2Corinthians 4:18). We may even be so bold to go neck deep, but over time, we’ll again be prompted to go even farther. Are we facing any situations requiring new depths of faith? Do we dare go deeper, or simply settle for where we are?

Submerged Level: At this level fears of the unknown & unseen swarm our minds. The thought of going out farther seems ridiculous & impossible! Yet, our Father’s hand is still there & we must decide if we’re going to continue to trust Him for all necessary provisions & protection if we dare to go under. This is our point of complete surrender & abandonment. For life can no longer depend upon ourselves, or others (Galatians 2:20). However, for the willing, anxieties once again fade as we rediscover the Father possesses all the equipment necessary for us to flourish as deep sea divers & bring light into this new frontier.

Application:Move Forward!” – Exodus 14:15
With Pharaoh rapidly pursuing, God instructed Moses to move forward despite being blocked by the Red Sea & what once was impossible by sight, was soon possible by faith. The same holds true for us today. Is our faith being tested by adversities, adversaries and/or addictions to the point of despair? Let us step forward into deeper faith, knowing He who lives in us is greater than any pressures this world may bring (1John 4:4).

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