Mining For Mentors

imageGreat leaders are great learners & great learners seek out great leaders. Therefore, we all need & benefit from great mentors. Though they’re seemingly rare in a world of self promotion, pursuing them is worth the expedition. Success however resides in knowing where & who to look for:

Identify Where: To be effective in battle, wise counsel from various advisors offers strategic advantages (Proverbs 24:6). Yet, many of us continue to engage the barrage of worldly pressures, fleshly desires & spiritual attacks alone. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be, for God has His servants readily available through multiple sources. For example, Indirect mentors can be found through books, podcasts & videos. Direct mentors can be discovered through peer relationships, church fellowship & personal interactions. Historical mentors are provided for us in the Bible & biographical resources. Thus, we don’t ever have to be without wise counsel. Do you have quality advisors & mentors in your life? May we continuously seek, carefully consider & diligently pray for God to increase our arsenal.

Identify Who: Positive teaching can be discerned from secular sources, but the primary issues in life are already addressed in the Bible. Therefore, it’s only rational to discern God’s guidance on these matters, including such things as work, joy, money, family, health & leadership. Thus, we are wise in acquiring mentors whose teaching & living is in accord with sound doctrine (Titus 2:1). Consider – does the instruction promote the power of man, or the power of Christ through man? Is it based from worldly perspectives, or a Wordly perspective? Let us not risk settling for less than the best – pursue & invest in Godly mentors.

Application: “Seek Out. Reach Out. Speak Out”Luke 22:32
As we grow in knowledge & truth so does what is expected of us (Luke 8:18). God will provide us with opportunities to engage our learnings, but we must be alert to capitalize upon them despite our fears & reservations. As a result, our trust & obedience glorifies God & we have the opportunity to serve as an extension to His battalion of mentors blessing others with the same reinforcements we once received.

One thought on “Mining For Mentors

  1. We were not created to walk this life alone and we all need mentors. They are the people in our lives who can love, encourage, teach, challenge and hold us accountable. They provide us with wisdom and are willing to tell us what we need to hear, not necessarily just what we want to hear. I am so grateful for the mentors God has placed in my life and love those I am mentoring. Be blessed today and find a way to bless someone else!


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