“Let’s Roll!”

imageIt is estimated that fifty percent of the Americans identifying themselves as Christians are registered to vote and that only half of those actually go to the polls. If this is accurate and seventy-five percent us are therefore choosing not to engage one of the greatest freedoms generations have fought to acquire and protect, how much more may we be silent on our daily opportunities to actively serve our Lord and share the greatest gift ever given (Matthew 28:19-20)?

Three habits can help us in this calling:

Engage: We must decide if we are going to stay on the sidelines, remain within safe surroundings, or get involved with all types of people in all types of circumstances. May personal prejudices of past sins, lifestyle choices and/or social and cultural differences never deter our determination for the gospel. For it is not our place to judge, but to faithfully share the way and the truth for all to be saved from the bondage of sin and receive eternal life (John 12:47).

Encourage: In caring for the condition of people rather than our position in their eyes we begin seeking ways to give more to them rather than getting more from them. As a result, the encouragement we disperse returns to encourage us even more (Luke 6:38).

Invest: As our best winter coat is designed to keep us warm and protected from the cold, its full potential is wasted if never worn and left in the closet. Yet, if we give it away to one in need, it once again fulfills its value and purpose. Likewise, may we never become comfortable in keeping our faith in the closet, but be committed in sharing the precious Gift of Jesus entrusted to us by investing in the lives of others (Philippians 2:4).

Application: “Heart Sets Us Apart” 2 Chronicles 25:2
Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost (Luke 19:10), not out of compulsion, but in profound love. Likewise, may our hearts overflow with such gratitude and joy for the gift we have received that we are unable to keep it to ourselves, but eagerly race to share it with all (Psalms 39:3).

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